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The best drink in town?

Tags: Isobel,  Gavving,  Louse

Short Summary: Gavving casts aspersions on Brue's fine establishment. Louse cadges a free drink off Lady Isobel Taurdain.
Date (real-life): 2011-05-28
Scene Location: Esgaroth: Fiery Flagon
Date (in-game): January 3053
Time of Day: Late morning
Fiery Flagon

The Fiery Flagon has long been a nexus for gossip and comradary in Esgaroth. The room is still scattered with evenly placed tables, each piece of furniture well smoothed and ready to provide a comfortable seat and a place for a mug to the inn's patrons. Against one wall, a large brick fireplace stands proudly, a number of iron tools and an extra pile of wood huddled on the hearth. To the side of the fireplace there is a large window with thick glass which looks out onto Bowman Street, the words "The Fiery Flagon" painted in common across the pane so they might be read from the road.

The bar occupies another wall of the room, standing as a stout guard before the neat rows of bottles, glasses, boxes and kegs. It is perhaps this piece of heavy, dark wood that shows the most evidence of a recent fire. The base of the bar still shows the scorchmarks from the flames, although the entire bar has been polished so much that it will neither chip nor flake ever again. Carved deeply into the center of the bar is the tavern's sigil: a mug overflowing with flame.

Behind the bar a doorway vanishes into a kitchen area, whee rumour has it a small courtyard can be found.

Obvious exits:
 Up the stairwell leads to Sleeping Quarters.
 Swinging Door leads to Center of Bowman Street.
 Back Door leads to The Market Square.

=-=-=-= Dale-Lands Time and Weather Service =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
Real Time: Sat May 28 14:19:50 2011 MST

Dale-Lands Time:
Highday, mid morning on a clear winter's day, January 13 of 3053
=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Dale-Lands Time and Weather Service =-=-=-=

[Isobel(#23796)] It's a clear winter's morning, though closer to noon than to bed, and the Flagon reflects that. There's a smattering of guests but that's all. Still, it's cosy and warm in there partly because of this as the roaring fire doesn't have to contend with drafts from an opening door. Had it not been for the lingering snow one can see through the window one might have been able to forget it was winter.

Isobel Taurdain sits alone at the table closest to the fire, nursing a mug of - well, something from which steam wafts. She observes the others in the room with lazy interest.

[Gavving(#27676)] Tossing the door open, the wind and flakes of snow race to fill the warm room. Quickly making his way inside and closing the door, the man shakes off the remnants of the cold winters day as the snow quickly melts from his furs. Removing them and hanging them on some nearby hooks, the man becomes known as the well-known merchant as Gavving Tull.
Shivering out loud to shake off the chill, Gavving quickly manes his way to the bar to warm up. "Barkeep! I need something to warm my bones" Brue scowls as he says "How about I set you on fire then my boy?" Gavving laughs as Brue grins slyly as he puts a steaming mug in front of him. Gavving greedily puts it to his lips as he nods in approval.

The swinging door eases open again for long enough to admit a slip of a youngster, snow-specked and shivering despite the battered brown cap and thick green woollen shirt. Louse must have been sent on some errand, for the child darts unerringly toward the kitchen, from where snatches of high treble speech can be heard. Whatever it is, the cook clearly told the messenger not to linger, for the youngster shoots out again like an arrow from a bow, casting a nervous glance behind.

The discomfiture doesn't last long, however; next thing, Louse is inspecting an abandoned mug on a nearby table to see if it's empty and casting surreptitious glances round at the various patrons (Isobel and Gavving included).

[Isobel(#23796)] The new arrivals prompts Isobel to pay attention in a more alert manner. She smirks to herself at Louse's actions, and then gets up and approaches the child. "Morning, young greenshirt. Come on, I'll buy you something warm to drink." The lady indicates that Louse should follow her with a jerking nod towards the bar, and then goes over there herself.

"Something warm - and without alcohol, mind you - for the child," she says sternly to the barkeep, coming up to stand next to Gavving. She offers a nod and murmured 'good morning' in greeting to him.

[Gavving(#27676)] Watching as the young greenshirt enters, Gavving just shakes his head and chuckles to himself. Upon hearing and watching the Lady of Taurdain offer the boy a drink, Gavving nods politely to her greeting. "Fancy seeing you her my Lady.." says Gavving as he finishes his drink. "I figure that the Taurdain Manor would have a better establishment." Gavving nods to Brue who brings him another drink.

Louse offers up a gap-toothed grin at Isobel's approach. "Mornin', missus," the child offers cheerily in return. "Sure." The youngest Greenshirt patters after the Taurdain lady, leaving a trail of wet footprints courtesy of a pair of leaking boots.

At Isobel's qualification to the barkeep, the child's face (which, owing to the snow-rinsing, is reasonably clean for once) falls a little. "Cork says folk /die/ from drinkin' water," comes the subdued mutter." Louse is never subdued for long, though. "Mornin', Mister," the youngster greets Gavving jauntily, for all the world as though a well-to-do merchant and scruffy child were equals. At the merchant's final comment, the child is quick to pipe up, pitched loudly enough to carry to the hovering Brue, "Did you just say this 'ere place ain't good enough?" Troublemaker in the making, this one ...

[Isobel(#23796)] Isobel grins. "Better than the Flagon? For shame! Besides, Taurdain Manor doesn't have an even half as colourful clientele." She ponders this a little and then adds, "Though I draw the line at the Fishtale," with a little shudder.

Then she looks down at the greenshirt, and wags a finger. "Then why doesn't fish die? They're in the water all the time." Just then, the barkeep returns with a mug of hot spiced milk, declaring as much in a gruff voice. Isobel hands it to Louse delicately, perhaps trying to avoid both spilling and eventual pests.

[Gavving(#27676)] "My boy.." utters Gavving as he takes another sip from his mug "..if that were true the entire world would be empty." Leaning in, Gavving whispers "just beware the firewater us adults drink.." Returning his drink, Gavving loks into his mug and utters "The Houses don't usually mingle with the common folk unless they want something or up to no good. As of late I know that the Houses have been doing both." Taking another sip, Gavving glances around "But perhaps I judge harshly, the people are worth the journey.."

Louse raises a hand to scratch the head beneath the brown cap, thankfully not dislodging anything this time. "They do die. Folk eat 'em." When the mug of spiced milk appears all arguments are forgotten, and the child fairly snatches it from Isobel's hands, spilling a bit on the floorboards (and over Isobel's shoes if the woman isn't quick enough to draw back). Belatedly Louse remembers what she's supposed to say: "Thankee, Missus." Then there is a brief silence, broken by a yelp as the child announces, "It's hot." The youngster settles for clutching the mug in both hands and inhaling the steam until it cools a little.

At Gavving's words, Louse makes an odd noise, rather like a snort, and a little more milk spills. The child subsides hastily, muttering something about, "'s cold out there." At the whisper the youngster looks scornful. "I c'n duck," Louse informs Gavving scathingly, before returning full attention to that wonderful-smelling milk.

[Isobel(#23796)] "You're welcome," Isobel says offhandedly to the child. She turns a slight frown on the man, however. "Well, we Taurdains do mingle, quite often and without ulterior motives.. though, now that I am speaking to you - I have heard that you are able to procure most things within reason..?"

[Gavving(#27676)] Ears perking up at the sound of profit, Gavving grins slyly as he turns towards the Lady "I have been know to acquire things from time to time." Gavving nods to Brue who brings him something more stronger. As he puts it to his lips, Gavving continues "What did you have in mind?"

Louse ducks a cap-covered head down and soon the only sounds from the child are the occasional slurp. One would assume the youngster totally engrossed in drinking, without a care for the most interesting adult conversation going on overhead.

[Isobel(#23796)] Isobel twirls a lock of hair restlessly. "Well, I was wondering if you could procure a caged nightingale for me. A friend of mine has one that sings delightfully, and I know someone for whom such a creature would make a lovely present." She looks down at Louse, not unkindly. "How goes your training, boy?"

[Gavving(#27676)] Gavving rubs his bearded chip and he thinks for a few. Setting his mug down, Gavving takes out a small parchment and glances it over. Running his finger down the parchment, Gavving taps it slightly as he finds what his is looking for. Putting it away, Gavving motions for Brue to take his drink as he glances upon the time stated on the clock. Smiling, Gavving calmly says "That is in my realm of aquiring, but it may take some time due to the season." Looking upon the boy, Gavving smirks as he tosses a copper in the boy's direction and says "And if the Shirts manage to stay out of my way.." Gavving gts up from his seat and puts his furs back on "I will be in touch my Lady.." Gavving bows as he opens the door and quickly leaves, closing the door behind him

Training? Louse swallows the last mouthful in a gulp and then breaks out in a fit of coughing - which, as the child had automatically looked up, is unfortunate for Isobel, who's sure to catch a few flecks of milky spittle. "It - uh, goin' allright," the youngster temporizes. "Ain't needin' no more trainin' in fetchin' an' carryin'. Must've hauled half t'town around. Think they'll kill all 'em Easterlings?" The poser of the question looks all bright-eyed and eager.

Gavving's tossed coin is snatched up with all the avidity of a terrier pouncing on a rat. Soundlessly the child tucks it away somewhere beneath the brown cap, seeming not to notice that there's something crawling on her hand once she's done. Glancing back to Isobel, Louse mutters in abashed tones, "Best go 'fore I catch it off some'un. See you later, Missus." Standing on tiptoe to push the mug back on the counter, the youngster scurries out.

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