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An Ereborian in Laketown

Tags: Gerik,  Isobel,  Gloin

Short Summary: Visitors stick out like a sore thumb; Gerik is quick to offer assistance.
Date (real-life): 2013-05-12
Scene Location: Esgaroth: Town Hall
Date (in-game): November 3058
Time of Day: Afternoon
The Town Hall

  The doors from the bank and library open into the back of a long, rectangular hall filled with benches that face a dais along the southern wall. The dais hosts a table and six ornamental chairs, four of which stand behind the table in a way that still allows them to face the benches. The four chairs apparently represent the four houses of Esgaroth, as a Coat of Arms graces the wall behind each. The chair on the left sits cader-cornered so that it faces forward while still facing the table. The seat on the right hand side is actually a throne in which the king would sit while attending a meeting.

Obvious exits:
 Oaken Door leads to Steward's Office.
 Bank leads to Bank.
 Out leads to The Market Square.
 Library leads to Library.


Dale-Lands Time and Weather Service

Real Time: Sun May 12 14:38:04 2013 MST

Dale-Lands Time:
Sunday, early night on a clear autumn's night, November 28 of 3058


[Gerik(#30871)] The air has chilled as it gets closer and closer to winter time in the lands of Dale. The inhabitants this late afternoon either remain inside our are properly protected against the elements. The town hall of course has to remain open a source of order within the city where commerce and other things also take place. Another enters the hall removing the hood from his head, Gerik holds a file folder in his hands and steps off to the side to make sure everything is in order.

[Isobel(#23796)] Isobel Taurdain also enters the town hall but she does so from a different direction - she comes from the library. Her cloak is draped over her shoulders a bit haphazardly and she's got a heavy-looking book tucked under one arm. In her free hand she holds a smallish piece of fabric and she uses it to wipe her nose once while standing still outside just outside the library. She takes in the hustle and bustle for a little longer before sighing softly and beginning to weave her way towards the door.

Not all who come and go this afternoon are locals. Amidst the flow of Laketowners three shorter figures forge a path towards the Town Hall. Dwarves all; the centre of the trio is clearly a person of importance, judging by the richness of his garb and the gems that catch the failing light; the flanking pair (younger? they are black- and brown-bearded, in contrast to their companion's white) have the look of guards.

Indeed, it is the black-beard who holds the Town Hall's door deferentially open for the white-beard to sweep through, his gruff voice unintentially loud as it is caught mid-speech, "-late. I fail to comprehend how the weather could be at fault, winter has barely started to bite!" The other, the brown-beard, nods wordlessly and looks round the chamber blankly before his gaze falls on the - clearly official-looking! - Gerik. A jerk of his head and the trio are heading that way.

Gerik turns as he begins to make his way through the crowd. He spots a familiar face in the group he gives a small bow of his head in greeting. "Lady Isobel, how are you?" he asks as he's close enough to speak without being over loud. "Are you in need of help?" he asks seeing as she's burdened with a cloak and book and such. He looks back towards the door perhaps the different voices drawing his attention. A curious look first comes to his face, before gives another greeting "Ah master dwarve's welcome."

At Gerik's hail the face of the white-bearded Dwarf, formerly contorted in irritation, smooths out immediately (even if the features of his companions remain as inscrutable as before). Almost, one might detect a twinkle in the blue eyes as the Dwarf bends a little at the waist - whether the lack of a full bow is due to age or perceived dignity is unclear - and greets, "And a fair day to you, Master." There is a pause, during which the Dwarf glances to the papers in Gerik's hands, before he concludes, "You would seem to be a person of authority. Tell me, is the Master of the Town in residence today?"

[Gerik(#30871)] "I'm afraid, I don't think i'm in much authority myself." he says with a grin and chuckle, though he turns back towards the head office. "I believe so, though i've just come to drop off some papers for my house." Gerik says patting the folder he's carrying along with him. "I would be glad to offer any help I can though should it be needed."

[Isobel(#23796)] As she draws near Isobel lifts her hand in greeting to Gerik, the handkerchief in her grip flapping awkwardly with the motion. However, as the dwarves approach the Karath the scholar slows down and stands still for a moment, observing the group. Then she smiles in Gerik's direction before continuing towards the door.

The Dwarf's blue eyes do not blink at Gerik's denial. "And which house might that be?" he asks, the bushy brows drawing down a little. "It is some years since I last visited Laketown in an official capacity, but ... I do believe I can still find my way around town. I thank you for the offer, however." He says, as yet, nothing of his business - or his name, come to that.

Gerik realizes he hasnt really explained much the escaping lady is given a look and a nod as she moves off towards the outdoors again. He turns back to the dwarves a moment "House Karath, my appologies my name is Gerik i'm adviser to the house." he makes an introduction as hadnt done so before.

[Isobel(#23796)] The quiet snick of a key turning in a lock must by necessity go unheard in the town hall, drowned out by merchants selling bolts of fabrics or (for example) dwarves in conversation with humans. A dapperly dressed man drops the key to the steward's office into his pocket, pats it, and then with a whistle starts towards the doors.

"Karath? Ah yes, that is a name I know." That information is greeted with a gruff nod, followed by an introspective look, as though the Dwarf were striving to recall names or faces. The introduction is greeted by another of those not-quite-bows, and this time the twinkle in the blue eyes seems genuine. "Then well met, Gerik son of Karath. I am Gloin, son of Groin, advisor to the King Under the Mountain. I serve King Dain beneath the Mountain and," he reflects with a gruff bark that might be amusement, "abroad, when events warrant it. Such as these ... vermin troubles." The pursed lips suggest that he's not entirely happy with those last words.

The dapper-dressed fellow's escape goes quite unnoticed by the white-beard, though his silent brown-bearded companion does glance that way. All these humans look alike, right?

Gerik gives another bow of his head "It's good to meet you Gloin son of Groin." he says respectfully though he listens to the rest of the words a bit more thought expression coming to his face. He turns back and checks a bit further before back. "I don't believe the master is in at the moment, I am also a member of the kings men if these vermin bring a danger I can inform the right people to see that we are prepared?"

[Isobel(#23796)] The clerk happens to be passing Gerik at that very moment and now he stops, looking the gathered company over with his blue eyes. "Indeed, the Master of Lake-Town is indisposed today. A chest cold, I'm afraid. However, if it is urgent you could return tomorrow and I would be happy to write a recommendation letter so that you could call upon him at home." The man's dark beard is thick and well kept but nevertheless it would probably be considered shameful if held to dwarven standards. Much too short!

The richly dressed Dwarf's beard quivers slightly. "Tell me, is not every citizen of Laketown a King's Man?" he enquires, giving Gerik a penetrating look from under bushy brows. Then, after a moment's pause, the piercing gaze softens slightly and Gloin admits, "But I know how the term is used. Perhaps my folk could use a little advice on present matters. We've been dealing with a spot of trouble, ahem ... wolves." It's said in a rather shamefaced mutter, akin to that of a proud housewife dealing with an infestation of cockroaches.

The Dwarf's chagrin can surely only increase at the clerk's next words. "Perhaps it would be more convenient for him to call on me at the Dwarven Embassy?" he suggests, pointedly fixing his eyes on the official's shame - that is to say, his chin.

Gloin's second companion, the black-bearded Dwarf, has been looking round the Hall; now he steps closer and murmurs something in Gloin's ear. The white beard wags as the Advisor nods, rather decisively. Addressing the clerk a second time, he tells him, "You need not concern yourself; I will pen a letter to your Master directly." Turning to Gerik, he offers a polite, "Pleased to make your acquaintance. Perhaps I will call at House Karath on the morrow. For now," here his gaze sweeps both Menfolk, "I wish you good afternoon. Come, Gelli, Skeggi." Turning smartly on his heel, he and his fellows proceed to exit the place as abruptly as they'd arrived.

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