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Apples & Elves

Tags: Bellanor,  Gidon,  Esgaroth

Short Summary: In Esgaroth, Bellanor and Gidon meet for the first time by the market pool.
Date (real-life): 2013-08-04
Scene Location: Esgaroth, The Market Square
Date (in-game): Day 6 of August, 3059
Time of Day: Late Afternoon
Weather: Clear and fair.

Bellanor is seated on top of a barrel of apples, near the western side of the market pool. He watches the comings and goings of the Lakemen with interest.

A young human man, Gidon by name, looking to be approximately 19 or 20 years old, walks past. One arm hangs oddly, noticeable despite the man's long-sleeved shirt by how the thumb is turned - in, towards his body, not frontwards as it should be. He watches the crowds warily, until his gaze is caught by the elf, and he slows, nodding politely.

Bellanor nods back with a smile. He sees that the young man before him is young in human years, and notes the odd hang of his arm, but his bright eyes don't linger on it.

"Greetings, friend," he says, "Would you like an apple?"

He pulls one from a half-open barrel nearby and proffers it to Gidon cheerfully.

Gidon hesitates, then nods holding out his good hand for the apple. "Thankee," he answers. As he chews, his gaze darts again and again to Bellanor, and away. He is shorter than most men of Dale, though his coloring is similar to theirs - if the elf has cared enough to pay attention to human dialects, he might notice that his accent doesn't match the men around him. "From th'forest?" he asks at last, nodding southwards.

Bellanor helps himself to an apple, and takes a bite himself. "Yes," he says, "From Celebannon. We set off down the river two days ago."

The elves who came down the Tarduin with him are delivering goods elsewhere in the market: the apples here are what's left over. Bellanor was left behind to watch them.

"Are you from Esgaroth?", he asks. He's noticed the difference in Gidon's speech, and it's piqued his interest.

"Cel'bannon," Gidon repeats, slurring the word ever so slightly. He shakes his head in answer to the question, eats the apple core and wipes his mouth with the back of his hand. "M'from west. Cross th'mountains."

"Across the mountains!" exclaims Bellanor, "That's a dangerous journey. Did you make it alone?" He's wondering a lot of other things, too: if Gidon made it recently, and whether he has any tidings or stories to tell. Bellanor's not sure when his fellows will be back, and it would be nice to have something new to recount to them when they do return.

"No." Gidon stops. He clearly is not a talkative fellow. But after a moment, he seems to feel something more is required. "Couple year agone. Come with some other folk; dorves 'n such."

Bellanor looks even more intrigued at he mention of dorves, but restrains himself. He takes another bite of apple, chews meditatively, and wonders if it's possible to pry further without appearing overly interested. Probably not.

"I hope you met with no trouble while passing through Amon Thranduil," he says politely.

"Din't come that way," is the young man's brief reply. "Don't think. Where's it?"

"Mirkwood the Great," says Bellanor. "I believe that's the local name for it."

"It's a very large forest, to the West of here," he adds, after a long moment. "You must have had to go quite out of your way, not to pass through it."

"Think we must've gone round," Gidon says. "Weren't - " He looks a little ashamed to admit his failure. "Weren't really paying th'best attention."

"Oh," says Bellanor. He looks as if he's going to try asking another question, but then something distracts him: he turns where he's seated and looks out into the crowd. Another raft-elf is approaching, striding quickly through the throng of the market. He calls out something: Bellanor doesn't look very happy at the news.

"Farewell, friend," the young elf says to Gidon before he gets up to go, "Much as I would like to hear more of your story, I'm afraid I've been called elsewhere..." Then he hurries off through the crowd.

Gidon nods as the elf hurries off, and continues on his own way through town.

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