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Buhr Marling Taken

Tags: Bryce,  Louse,  Isobel,  Laerdome,  Arzi

Short Summary: A sleepy Planting Fair is interrupted by a deranged-sounding Dwarf with dreadful news.
Date (real-life): 2016-04-17
Scene Location: Finney
Date (in-game): April 3067
Time of Day: Afternoon
Weather: Clear
In the Dale-lands, passing by Finney

Finney comprises little more than a few dots on the wild landscape; in fact, the road through Finney appears to be the town's busiest feature. Nonetheless, a tiny town must contain people in order to survive, and those people must have a means of survival. A few buildings in decent condition line the busy thoroughfare, and people go on about their business quite like anywhere. Outside of the town lie several large plots of land, set a decent distance apart, which one might assume to be farms. The River Celduin flows nearly through the middle of Finney, and cattle graze where vegetation grows the thickest. Northwest of Finney the road strolls through the rolling dales, and east of the tiny town it follows the river towards Buhr Mahrling.

Obvious exits:
 Into the River leads to River Running, in Rhovanion.
 NorthWest leads to Rolling Dales.
 East leads to Rhovanion, Along the River Celduin.

=-=-=-= Dale-Lands Time and Weather Service =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
Real Time: Sun Apr 17 14:19:35 2016 MST

Dale-Lands Time:
Monday, mid afternoon on a clear spring's day, April 3 of 3067

[Bryce(#20536)] The warm breezes of April gust through Finney's main road; a welcome portent of Spring, sweeping away what was a bitter Winter. The balmy weather is fortuitous, as today is the town's Annual Planting Fete and the weather could not be more coopoerative. The River Celduin may be riding a bit high today from all the snow melt upsteam, but that's quite welcome to the farmers.
    The centre of the small hamlet is bustling with activity. Merchants - both local shopkeepers and traders from as far as North-Port - sell their many wares to the townsfolk and visitors from abroad that have come.
     At a small wagon stall, Bryce has set up his priduce stand, selling what fresh fruit he's managed to find this early in the season, as well as more hardy vegetables and tubers that have stored well over the Winter. His donkeys, however, look less than pleased to be tied to the wagon yet. . .

[Louse(#17178)] Amongst the townsfolk moves a slightly scruffy-looking individual, with straggly straw-blond hair cropped short. Close inspection would reveal that beneath the rather threadbare grey cloak lie curves suggestive of a womanly form. The more astute might also recognize the leaf-shaped brooch pinning said cloak as the insignia of the Royal Wardens. What one of those is doing in town - or even whether she /is/ just one - is anyone's guess: tipped off about a smuggling ring, perhaps? There are certainly a fair number of goods changing hand.

The young woman halts by Bryce's stall and peers at the sparse array of fruit. "Got any apples on yer?" she demands hoarsely. Now there goes an individual with fine disregard for the rhythm of the seasons.

[Bryce(#20536)] 'Doubt ye'd want any er what I've on me.' Bryce says, eyeing the woman. 'Most of the good apples've been snapped up 'fore Yule. Nah. All I've left since were the the mushy apples, and most've 'em I've made into Applejack. Sure'n yeh prolly couldn't handle any of the "apples" I've left.' He says with a chortle.

[Isobel(#23796)] At the stand next to Bryce's, a middle-aged woman has set up shop selling herbs and balms and other remedies. She seems to be a local as many of the would-be customers greet her with a nod and an "Afternoon, mistress Brigit". She's just taken the coins of one customer (not forgetting to advise him, "Now mind you take this two times a day until you run out and that cough'll be gone quicker than an eel") and finds herself without a new one to serve. While rearranging her wares a little she sneaks a glance at the one shopping next door.

[Laerdome(#20779)] A tall Man wanders down the road. Peering from stall to stall, he observes the locals - Man and the occassional Dwarf alike - moving hither and yon. He spends more than a few moments looking at local wares before his stomach rumbles and he goes looking for some vittles.
<OOC> Laerdome says, "And that'll be Laerdome's lone post for quite some time. Working on a PPT, scheduling the plot for my Trek RP tonight, and handling you guys is more than enough besides handling four characters. Three characters will suffice for now. ;^)"
"Who're yer kiddin'?" demands the scruffy young Warden belligerently of Bryce. She has a sharp nasal accent, quite different from the soft local burr. "Bin' drinkin' the Fishtale's brews since I wuz-" She breaks off, scowling in the general direction of the man's beard, and shakes her head. "But 'm not wantin' a drink. What yer got ter eat?"

Despite the query, her gaze flicks up and down the market area rather than remaining on the wares.

[Bryce(#20536)] 'Grapes's the sweetest of the things I've got.' Bryce admits. 'The Elveses've up North are good with the growin' of 'em and I brought a three whole bushel of 'em down.'

[Louse(#17178)] "Grapes?" The young woman's eyes widen. "Cor." Absentmindedly she licks her lips. "Bet they ain't cheap." That statement is followed by a sigh and a silence as she squints after the retreating back of that rather tall fellow wandering past. A furrow appears between her brows.

After a moment she enquires in casual fashion, "'Ow was the road? See many folk about?"

[Bryce(#20536)] 'Nah they ain't. Fresh grapes from down South're gonna be three months away at /least/.' Bryce responds. 'The Road? 'Course I did, didn't I? 'Ere's dozens o' folk peddlin' their wares along the River - gettin' down here for the Party.'

[Louse(#17178)] "Well, if they ain't cheap then I ain't gonner be able ter afford 'em, then," the young woman states testily. "What yer got ter eat as an honest day's wage can buy? An 'ow'd I know what the roads are like? Me, I came by river. Beats shank's pony any day." The scowl is replaced briefly by a sharp grin and then the young woman shifts her gaze to the next stall as though hoping for edibles amongst all the herbs and salves.

[Bryce(#20536)] 'Beets 'n Sugar Turnips, yeh might find appealin'.' The Greengrocer responds. 'I've a kettle on and can boil one up for yeh, too.' He adds. 'Short of that, pr'haps some hazelnuts or chestnuts'd be something might tan-talize yer pallate, eh? One silver penny'll get you a bag!'

[Louse(#17178)] "Turnips?" Bryce's young customer (if she ever gets round to buying anything, that is!) gives an exaggerated shudder. "I ain't /that/ 'ard up these days. Worse 'n drinkin' one of those there lotions and potions." She jerks her head towards Brigit's adjacent stall. "Now, chestnuts is good. But yer gotter be jokin' bout the price. Could get a bag fer ten coppers, back in Laketown!"

[Laerdome(#20779)] 'Course yeh could!' Bryce exclaims. 'A silver penny and ten coppers are one an' the same, kid.' He says. 'If yeh want 'em, I need to see the coinage. If yeh don't, move along, eh.'

[Isobel(#23796)] Brigit frowns. "Oy," she protests with a sharp glare, "there's nothing 'worse' about my potions, thank you. Pity there's not one 'gainst rudeness, you could use it.."

[Louse(#17178)] "Then I'll give yer ten coppers fer them nuts o' yers!" the young woman declares to Bryce, smirking. "Jist gimme a moment ..."

It's at this point that Brigit's words reach her ears. Perhaps the rebuke is taken to heart, for she does make some effort at apology. "Beggin' yer pardon, missus," she mumbles, whilst fumbling at her garments beneath her cloak. "Wasn't meanin' ter offend. Healers allus told me as if it didn't taste bad, it weren't doin' yer good."

Turning back to Bryce, she triumphantly thrusts out one hand full of small brown coins. "Ten coppers, see?"

[Laerdome(#20779)] 'Well then. That wasn't so bad, was it?' He scoops up a bunch of steaming hot chestnuts and puts them into a bag. 'Here yeh go, Miss.' He says, holding out the bag in one hand and his other hand out to take the coppers.
Arzi approaches from the east, just a short distance from where the Rivers Celduin and Carnen 

[Arzi(#23862)] Running through town, a dwarf hurries from the East Road shouting. At first it's indistict, but eventually it becomes clearer. 'Foes! Fire!' He yells to the people thronging the road. 'Buhr Marling is invaded!' He yells.

[Louse(#17178)] "Who said anythin' 'bout bad?" the young woman demands as she grabs the bag, emptying the coppers into Bryce's palm. "'Ope they taste - 'ere, what's all that ruckus?"

She peers towards the moving blur that is Arzi, stands on tiptoe in a vain attempt to see over the array of heads suddenly in the way as everyone converges on the newest likely source of entertainment then gives up and simply cocks her head to listen. Her eyes narrow; she thrusts the bag of hot chestnuts inside her tunic. A yelped "Ouch!" follows.

[Isobel(#23796)] Mollified, Brigit nods to Bryce's young customer and then returns to her own business (though business seems poor for her!). She's just fiddling with the arrangement again when the dwarf comes running in; hearing his news she drops the pot in her hand, spilling the dried herbs in it over herself and the stand. "You hear that?" she demands of those nearby. "They'll be coming for us next! Where's the king and his armies?"

Brigit begins to hurriedly pack her things away. "I won't stay to be skewered, that's for sure! I'm going upriver!"

[Bryce(#20536)] The Dwarf stops in the Hamlet's Square, huffing and puffing. 'Buhr Marling!' He explains, pointing down River. 'The town is on fire! Men attacked from the East and have taken the town!'

[Bryce(#20536)] A panic ensues! Most of these folk are farmers and merchants, not militia. Into boats they climb and onto wagons and ponies. 'I sure picked the wrong time to travel South.' Says the Greengrocer in dismay.

[Louse(#17178)] "The King? 'E's up in Dale, where 'e allus is," Louse informs the worried Brigit sagely. "Can't speak for 'is - oww - armies." She's wriggling as she speaks, no doubt due to the chestnuts. "'Scuse me, mister," she murmurs to Bryce without answering his comment (after all, what there to say except 'yes'?) and then is pushing her way toward the Dwarf - not so hard, as Finney's worthy citizens are scattering like minnows fleeing a pike. 

Thus it is that she finds herself fronting Arzi whilst the village constable is still in his house looking out his helmet and breastplate. "What's this 'bout Buhr Marling?" she enquires bluntly, peering rather suspiciously. "'Ow many men? When? 'Ow d'yer know?"

[Arzi(#23862)] 'Are you daft?' Arzi asks the young woman. 'I'll tell you ahgin what it's aboot! Men just a little taller'n me! They came out of the East in wagons of sorts just as the Sun set. Barely got out with my life, eh?' Arzi pants. 'When I left, the town was on fire with people screamin' and runnin' aboot.'

[Louse(#17178)] "Yer not 'avin' us on, are yer?" demands the girl - Louse - darkly. But the panic around her is clear enough evidence that Finney's townsfolk are taking this seriously. "Sunset 'ow many days back? Got out how? Who's behind yer?"

[Bryce(#20536)] 'I dunno who's behind me, eh?! Hopefully some of your folk got out, but one Dwarf against an Army? I'll pass, thank you very much.'

Louse lets out a snort that sounds very much like disgust. "An' they call yer folk brave! Listen, mister, whatever yer knows, we needs ter know it too. Cos ... if they've got wagons, they've got 'orses. A man on foot ain't gonner outrun 'em; a Dwarf, neither. So, 'bout that army - I'm 'opin' they ain't chasin' yer?" Her gaze strays to the eastward road, where the dust of Arzi's passage has now settled. Is there anything the eye can see?

[Arzi(#23862)] 'I doubts it!' The Dwarf says. 'They're probably still hoopin' and hollarin' in Buhr Marling; drinkin' all the spirits and eating all the vittles!'
Louse winces, but nods. "S'pose ye'd be right at that. I'd heard as it's a right rich place, let's home 'em tales were true, eh?" She offers Arzi a wan smile.

At this point the village constable emerges from his house, huffing slightly (that breastplate surely wasn't so tight last time he had it on?). "Dreadful ... dreadful news!" he exclaims. "Not in all my time in office have I heard the like. Now, if you'll come with me, Master Dwarf?" He gestures to lead Arzi away. No doubt the poor dwarf will be subjected to questioning all over again; no doubt a pigeon will be sent to the King; equally likely is that the river to the north will suddenly play host to a number of boats rowing against the current, just as the roads will suddenly be clogged with carts and donkeys ...

Louse takes a swift step back, shrugs and mutters, "Gotter go find a feller. Figure my plans just changed."

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