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Sentence is passed

Tags: Brev,  Harry,  Thomas

Short Summary: Harry and Trainee Thomas try to think up a nice civilized Breeish way to deal with their unwelcome criminal guest
Date (real-life): 2010-10-08
Scene Location: Bree: Breeguard Headquarters
Date (in-game): February 3051
Time of Day: Dawn
Weather: ?
Dark Hallway

The hallway is dimly lit and narrow, but the rooms that open off of it are easily discernible, as each has a label on the door. Immediately inside the entrance, to the left is labeled "The Hard Work Room." Opposite this lies "Chief's Office." Just past that, on the right, and directly across, on the left, are matching jail cells, one labeled "Cell 1" and the other, "Cell 2." Both of these doors have a small rectangular hole cut into it about 5 feet from the floor, and a stepstool sits on the floor in the hallway nearby.
The door to cell number 1 is unlocked and the door to cell number 2 is unlocked.
The hallway ends in a blank wall; from the faded square at about eye-level, it seems something may once have hung on the wall, but it is there no longer.

Obvious exits:
 Hard Work Room leads to Hard Work Room.
 Main Room leads to Main Room.
 Cell 1 leads to Jail Cell.
 Cell 2 leads to Jail Cell.
 Chief's Office leads to Chief's Office.

Cell 1

Despite the metal bars set in the small rectanguar hole, you can tell that the cell is a gloomy one.

There is one word that best describes the cell: small. It measures a paltry 7 food wide and at most half again as long. Built from large rocks devled from Bree Hill, the cell stands as in impenetrable room saved by two intentional openings. A Large wooden door, sheathed with blackened iron guards the middle of one wall. The door is featureless from the inside except for a small barred opening serving as a window that is approximately 4 and a half feet from the floor. The opening itself has a small wooden door that can be closed to completely isolate the occupants of the room from the goings on beyond. In the wall opposite the door, a small window, at most a foot square, has been cut out of the rock work. There are a number of heavy iron bars here to keep all but the smallest hands from being able to reach through. Though the window is set high enough that only a tall human would be able to reach the window from the inside. Apart from these two openings the room is featureless. There is a single low bed set on legs low enough to accomidate a hobbt. In length the bed is a compromise: too large for a hobbit, and too small for a man. A worn feather matress, slightly less than understuffed is stretched out on the bed.

It's now a few days since Thomas brought in a swarthy stranger, apparently one of Bree's two most wanted men, 'for questioning by the Breeguard'. Life being what it is, and the Chief laid up with a cold and that fire down at Mrs Applewood's house ... well, matters have dragged on somewhat. So the stranger's ponies are currently stabled under care of Nob, stabling fees paid courtesy of the Breeguard, and said stranger himself remains in custody, his exact legal situation vague.

Once more it's early morning, and dawn is just breaking over the streets of Bree. The Breeguard cell wherein the visitor has been housed is quiet - very quiet. Wait ... isn't that door open a fraction?

[Nob(#16122)] Harry yawns as he opens the door to the guardhouse. He yawns again as he comes inside, shuts the door behind him and goes to poke up the fire. And he yawns yet another time as he goes towards the cell.

There is no sound in answer to his yawn - one might almost think the place empty. Surely Ernie, off on his way home now, couldn't have left the place unlocked? On the other hand, he was nursing a sore head last night after a pre-duty visit to the Pony ... Has the prisoner escaped?

[Nob(#16122)] Harry smothers a fourth yawn, and reaches for the door, freezing momentarily as he (finally!) notices it is partly open. A frown crosses his face, and he yanks the door the rest of the way open, charging inside.

Harry's charge is met by a filthy-sounding mutter in a guttural tongue that is definitely not Common. The cell's occupant, Brev, has tipped up the too-small bedframe against the wall and placed the worn mattress on the floor, so that he can stretch out full-length. A hefty Breeguard tripping over one's legs is not the best way to start the day.

Brev rolls over and sits up, automatically reaching for a dagger that is not there. "Kiern, look where you're going, can't you?" he challenges.

[Nob(#16122)] "Oh." Harry peers down at the man lying in the cell. "Well." 

"Well. What're you doing on the floor?" He looks suspiciously at the bed. "Busting up Breeguard property!" 

Well, after all, he can't apologize, now can he?

A yawn announces the rather tardy arrival of Thomas the Trainee, who wanders on into the headquarters and then, not appearing at all concerned, moseys on back to the cell. "Harry...." Yawn. He pokes his head around Harry and into the cell door.

Brev scrambles up, keeping his bad leg straight. "Sleeping," he answers mildly. "At least, I /was/ ... And bed's not broken. Could do with fixing up, though. I could do that for you, with a few tools," he adds innocently, with a grin that alas looks anything but innocent.

At the sight of Thomas he blinks. "Morning, lad. Decided why I'm in here yet? Not that I'm not grateful to be out of the wind and the rain and the mud ... Nice and cosy, it is." He looks round the draughty cell appreciatively.

[Nob(#16122)] "Did you leave this door open?" Harry demands of Thomas. He looks back at the Dunlending man, saying automatically, "Oh no, you don't!" And stares at the bed from several different angles, hunting for broken bits.

"Not me! Don't even have the keys!" Thomas stifles another yawn. "Oh...right..." He tilts his head to Brev.

"OH! He's the one of them what stole the taters from the farm and burnt it down and attacked me!"

Brev snorts at Thomas' response. "Attacked you? Kiern, lad, if I wanted you dead you'd not be standing here." He leans against the wall, head slightly stooped, and carefully avoids the subject of doors. And taters. And pipeweed, come to that.

[Nob(#16122)] "Hmph. Must've been that Ernie. Never pays attention proper, he doesn't." Harry scowls at Brev. "Stealing, eh? Attacking The Breeguard! That's least... how long's he been here anyways, Thomas?"

"See?! See! Murder! He's the one got Nob murdered and I bet those dead bodies too!" Thomas says, all enthusiasm. "Uh...dunno... a few?"

"An' tryin' to sell stolen ponies when the animal market's closed too!" the trainee adds.

Brev blinks. "Nob," he repeats blankly, and then his face clears. "Oh, the wee rabbity fellow down at the Inn. Someone offed him? I assure you, I had nothing to do with it. And those ponies are mine, thank you for asking. Look around Bree all you like, you won't find their former owners waiting to file a complaint."

Looking to Harry, he maintains an air of injured innocence. "How was I supposed to know yon pimply lad was a Breeguard? So I can stay? Not often I get a free bed."

[Nob(#16122)] "Nob?" Harry echoes. "You idiot boy, Nob isn't dead! Why, I had a pint with him just the other night!" He glares at Brev, for good measure. "Hobbit," he grunts. "Now what's all this about ponies?" 

"And we're not in the business of giving out free beds! You can just..." He comes to a stop, uncertainly. This isn't working out just how it ought.

"Well, he aint, but there's bodies in them woods. And I saw Brev rob that farm. And he cut me with his sword! Them's the facts!" Thomas insists. "And if those ponies are his, we're paying Nob to stable 'em and then we're paying to feed and house the criminal Brev. I say them ponies are ours now, not even covering the cost of jail, a trial and the hanging."

"Just?" Brev echoes Harry, one brow lifting.

His cheek twitches a little at the mention of hanging, but he covers it by a yawn and then slowly shakes his head. "Thomas," he says reprovingly, "didn't your mama tell you it's wrong to tell lies? I don't have a sword. Just a small utility knife, which as I recall you took from me. I hope you weren't planning to steal it." He manages to sound quite shocked at the thought.

Looking back to Harry, he answers politely, "To tell you the truth, it would be doing me a favour if someone," he pauses, coughs gently as his gaze flicks toward Thomas and away again, "ah, reliable, took charge of the ponies. Can't afford to feed the poor beasts, and Kiern knows they don't deserve to starve." He lets that sink in, then enquires carelessly, "Would that mean I've .. ah, paid for my crimes? Whatever they are."

[Nob(#16122)] Harry looks back and forth between the two - the boy and the man. "Bodies?" he asks dubiously. The frown creasing his forehead grows as he tries to consider. Ponies vs feed and housing. Plus trial. Plus.. 

Sounding a little shocked himself, he protests, "Now, Thomas, we don't hang people! We're /civilized/-like!" 

Ponies vs feed and housing. Plus trial... And trials mean paperwork. And testifying. And... Harry scratches his head. "Reckon that about covers it...." What on earth the Breeguard will do with several ponies, he doesn't bother to consider. Perhaps he likes the picture of himself, above the general populace!

"But...but!! He cut me here!" Thomas lifts up his tunic to show the sword scar on his back. "And he burnt that barn and now those poor folk don't got no feed for their sheep n cows n all...and no potatoes!! And the bodies! There was murder! Don't care if you don't got no sword on you now. I'm a Breeguard and I seen it!"

[Nob(#16122)] "Well, now that's true enough." Harry ponders. "Them folks din't get no rec-recompensing for their loss." He sounds rather pompous as he says this. "But I don't know nothing about bodies." He nods once firmly. "You can go off and help them poor folk you burnt. Rebuild their barn! Yeah."

Brev's lips twitch, just a little, at Harry's initial assessment.

He lets Thomas speak his piece, before answering firmly, "Well, I didn't. These bodies, that is. Maybe some time you can tell me about them, eh?"

Looking back at Harry, he nods, lackadaisically. "Sure. Can I sleep in it, too? Man's better off with a roof over his head. Or did you want me to come back here? It does the job well enough." He smiles faintly as he indicates the cramped cell.

"Make 'im sleep here, but we don't give him no food. And make him shovel out the stables for Nob, too, until he paid us back for stabling his ponies. Thems that are now ours, but it costs money!" Thomas scowls. "If he'd burned down my barn, I'd not be letting him sleep there again! Rebuilding it or not!"

[Nob(#16122)] Harry looks vaguely impressed, though he covers it up with a larger scowl. "Well. Right then. You sleeps here." He is moved to protest though. "He can't muck out stables while he's barn-building!"

"Build the barn and then he's stable mucking," Thomas shrugs. "That or we run him out of town entirely and we don't let him back in. Not even to see his crime partner, Giddon.'

[Nob(#16122)] "Fine, fine." It's hard to tell if Harry agrees with Thomas or just wants him to be quiet and go away! "You go that?" He doesn't wait for an answer from the convict, but turns back officiously to the desk. "Well done, Trainee," he adds after a pause.

Thomas puffs out with pride. "Clean up after yourself!" he barks imperiously at Brev. "Get that mattress off the floor!" He turns to slam the cell door shut.

Brev listens in silence to the argument. "Can hardly build a barn on an empty stomach," he points out blandly, then shrugs. "Or on no sleep - mind taking the debate elsewhere, gentlemen? Just let me know where I'm supposed to be and I'll do my best to oblige." 

When the door slams shut he lowers himself stiffly down to the bed again, the corners of his mouth twitching and a hand pressed to his mouth to muffle any audible signs of amusement. The lock would appear not to have clicked shut very well, either. He looks at it, just briefly, and smirks.

Thomas, at first, busies himself hunting for the key to said lock. He gives that up shortly, though, announcing, "I'm going to talk to the dear departed Nob. About mucking stables. I'll bring back ale," he adds as an afterthought. "Lunch n all, you know."

[Nob(#16122)] "Right." Harry says, sounding suddenly more cheerful. Are all the Breeguard lushes?? "Bring back some for me! And a honey-roll!"

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